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    Memories moment

  • Care Your Leather Shoes
  • Multi Purpose File Series

    Multipurpose casing for student

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    Shoe whitening for school student.

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    colorful CB ware

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    Malaysia Brand

Plastic Processing

Plastic Injection & Blowing The nature & extent plastic injection manufacturing have undergone redical changes in the last decade. It is the policy of the company to ensure that the latest skills & techniques of plastic injection manufacturing are applied to all its manufacturing assignment. To this end, all our staff are continually trained on the latest technical development in the manufacturing process. The Company’s plastic injection products can be summarized as follows: a) OEM plastic casing, plastic cover, plastic toy b) Household products, container, stationery c) Industrial parts, machinery hardware d) Electronic components The Company’s blowing moulded products can be summarized as following: a) Glue bottle, shoe white bottle b) Hardware products c) Household products d) Pharmaceutical container & bottles The facilities & machinery that the Company has for the manufacturing of plastic Injection & Blowing moulded include: NISSEI - JAPAN, TOSHIBA - JAPAN, SINCO - THAILAND, TENG CHIN - TAIWAN, ARBURG-GERMANY.
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